Web based applications

We have extensive experience in developing applications to replace an Access database or Excel spreadsheet. Many businesses have started out using Access or Excel as these are quick and simple for almost anyone to start using. They can quickly be setup to store lists of relevant information which can be sorted, viewed and printed.

Often however an Access database or Excel spreadsheet will outgrow its original purpose. More people may need to view or edit the information, data may need to be exported or shared with another business or website, or groups of users may need to be restricted to prevent accidental loss or changing of information.

Small Garage Customer Invoicing

Customer Management, Invoicing and MOT reminder system for small motor mechanics and garages.

Electronic Timesheets

Electronic Timesheets for employees with client viewing and approval system for recruitment agency.

Online Booking

Online booking system and product management for bouncy castle and attractions hire company.

In addition, as the amount of information stored increases it needs to be kept safe and secure in a system which is reliable, automatically backed up, stable and without the risk of corruption.

Combining a more powerful database coupled with a web based front end will solve all the above issues and bring additional benefits and possibilities. For example, you will no longer need to install any software on each PC, you just plug in a new computer and start to use the web based front end. You can also securely access your system remotely from home or whilst travelling.

We currently have the following special offer on all web based application development:

This special offer is only available for businesses with upto 12 employees. It includes analysis of current system and workflow, requirements specification, prototype design and development of production system with help and guidance on all aspects of setup, hardware, training and security. We then provide ongoing support and upgrades.