Hosted Exchange Email

What exactly is Hosted Exchange? Exchange is the name of the mail software which runs the entire mail system. It allows you to send and receive your business email just as you always have done, but additionaly it provides advanced features and tools you won't have experienced before. Your email is synchronised to every device you own including your PC, laptop, tablet and phone; and every email you ever send or receive will be kept as no other email system has such a large amount of storage.

Cost effective and secure

Now more than ever, your business needs cost-effective and flexible communication tools. With our Hosted Exchange 2013, email becomes instant and gives you access to shared calendars, contacts and documents.

Business emailBusiness email

Moving your Exchange environment means you will reduce the IT overhead of running on-site Exchange, and gives you better control of your costs by reducing the need for expensive hardware installations and ongoing maintenance, without sacrificing service and quality.

The Hosted Exchange environment is super-resilient, is fully managed, and every email is scanned for viruses and spam before it arrives in your inbox.

With our Hosted Exchange, it's easy to see the benefits:

Business email

A service you can rely on

Our Hosted Exchange services are triple-hosted. Multilayered systems are located across geographically distributed locations so, in the event of an outage, traffic is switched to a secondary data-centre and services are resumed, so you're never without email. Along with our exceptional support systems, you'll never be left in the unknown.

Hosted Exchange email is just £4.99 plus vat per email account.

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