We are extremely proud of the email, website hosting and support that we provide as a company and we strive to offer the best possible service and support to every single one of our customers. We focus on performance, customer support and maintaining our network along with our excellent customer service.


Established for over 20 years we provide IT services to small businesses. Typically our customers have between 1 and 10 employees and require someone to act as an IT department; someone who they know they can telephone when required and who will help them out and not simply pass them on to another company. We will take ownership of any issues and see them through to a satisfactory conclusion for you.

Often our customers contact us instead of the business with whom they have an issue because we will contact the other business on their behalf and get things resolved. For example, one of our customers needed their merchant account details for a Payment Gateway they had just signed up with. Instead of requesting this information directly from the payment gateway, they authorised us to obtain this information simply because they were confused as to what they needed to ask for.

We have a strong background in software and database development and have developed a number of systems including our own e-commerce payment system, an e-commerce website platform for independent high street retailers, an Estate Agents Property Management System, a customer and invoice platform for independent mechanics and garages and an employee and timesheet system for recruitment agencies. Most of these systems are developed using a powerful back-end database and a web based front-end for the users.

Portsmouth, UK

Many times we have had to step in and develop solutions to solve issues for SME businesses where other IT companies and website hosting companies have been unable to help because they lack the technical capability.

The best Website Hosting and Email for Business in Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Hampshire, West Sussex, London and across the UK since 1999.