Business Email

We provide business email which is entirely based in the UK with first class support. A professional email address using your own domain name shows your business is serious and established. There is no data mining or adverts and you are not the product!

Secure Email

Our dedicated mail servers are all based in the UK and all email is sent and received using SSL encryption, which is the same encryption that your bank uses. 

Virus and Spam Protection

An essential service to protect your business email and save you time. Anti-virus and anti-spam is included as standard with our business email service. Don't waste your time viewing and deleting potentially harmful email because it is filtered out for you. Hundreds of spam prevention mechanisms are built in.

Access Anywhere

The mail server and software is compatible with the largest range of devices possible because it is standards compliant. So whether you use Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Mac Mail or any other email client you will be able to send and receive your business email.

Web Mail

A fast, efficient and customisable web mail system is included so you can access your email when you are not using your normal computer. Anywhere in the world, if you have internet access then you can send and receive your business email. If you wish you can just use the web mail interface as your primary way of sending and receiving your business email because it provides the speed and ease of use normally only seen in a local email client. More information.

SSL Secure Business Email

If you value the security and privacy of your businesses email then our email service provides SSL security on all protocols (POP3,SMTP,IMAP,HTTPS) to ensure sensitive email messages or passwords cannot be read by hackers or users who may have access to the communication channel between you and the mail server. This prevents anyone with access to your network, for example in an internet café or hotel, from stealing your passwords.

Business Email

You do not need your email and website together. Your website can stay exactly as it is, while you enjoy a superior email system.

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Having your own business email address will bring many benefits to your business, we have outlined some major ones below.


Project a professional image every day as you conduct business. A free email address ending in for example or does not look reputable. Having your personal name on your email address shows your customers that you are ready to do business.

Brand name and recognition

Every time you send an email, you put your domain and your brand in front of your customers, prospective customers, suppliers, and anyone else with whom you do business. Even better, you can use a brand-building signature. Having your business name as the basis of your email address immediately boosts your brand recognition and the status that goes with it.

Be Remembered

An easy-to-remember address, like, makes it simple for customers to remember, without going through the hassle of looking it up; and they’ll know exactly how to find your business online because it’s right there in your email address.

An address for life

Unlike your,, and other such internet provider-based addresses, if you change internet providers, your address does not go away. You own your address and are in full control of it, people and customers can always contact you at the same email address.

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