Website Hosting

Premium Website Hosting

  • We do not resell someone else’s website hosting
  • Our website hosting is based in the UK
  • Speed, security and reliability is paramount
  • Full Backups included as standard
  • A company culture built on trust & integrity

Managed and semi-managed website hosting for UK Businesses. We don’t provide website hosting based on cheap, piled high shared servers. We provide hosting for UK businesses who want premium hosting which they know is reliable, fast, backed up; and entirely based in the UK. Our business website hosting is available at a fixed and affordable monthly cost with no contract. We use Direct Debit for payments because it is the most simple, safe and convenient method.

You will benefit from powerful, reliable and fast servers that are monitored 24 hours per day/7 days a week in UK data centres along with the reassurance of dealing with an IT company that has been successfully hosting small business websites for over 22 years.

What is Website Hosting?

Your website is made up of text and images contained in files. To enable people to view your website all these files must be stored on a computer connected to the internet. You could do this using your work computer but it would need to be switched on and running constantly, 24 hours per day. It would require an expensive internet connection and you would need to backup and manage your computer 24/7 to avoid your website slowing down or worse; failing completely.

The best answer is to use computers specifically designed to run 24/7 known as servers which are located in purpose built data centres which have several extremely fast internet connections. The data centres and servers are run by hosting companies who take care of managing everything and who will have plans in place to deal with problems and emergencies. The type of plans they have cover events such as computer failure, backing up, power cuts, fire, floods or other natural disasters.

Our hosting uses servers located in premier data centres in Manchester and London. Having over 18 years experience in website hosting we know what makes for the best quality hosting for the best reliability. Although unlikely, if there is a problem any disruption will be minimised because the problem will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Whilst it is possible to get cheap or even free web hosting, it isn’t business class and will limit the amount of data you have or the speed of your website. Even worse, cheap website hosting means you’re website and email can be adversely affected by other, unknown customers who are on the same hosting. This can mean your website and email is blacklisted due to the actions of other users who have no relationship to you.