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Business email hosting for UK based businesses. Our business email starts at just £5.00 per email account per annum with storage space ranging from 250MB to 5GB for each email account. Our email platform is specifically built by us to be reliable and secure.

Our email hosting services are perfect for businesses seeking the best, most reliable, robust and easy to use email solution. Send and receive business email securely from your desktop, laptop, mobile or the webmail, using your own domain name.

Our business email hosting starts at £5.00 + vat per year per email account, and because our system is mirrored you get the most secure and reliable service possible.

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No adverts, total privacy

With our email hosting your business email is yours and no one elses. There are no distracting adverts inserted onto your screen and absolutely no privacy concerns that your information is being shared and mined for advertising.

With all your email and account data stored and kept on our mail platform, you know it is protected by strong data protection laws including GDPR.

Personalised email address

Your business is one of a kind and your email address should be too. Your personal email address using your chosen domain name looks professional and builds your brand. Do it right so your customers will know who it is that’s emailing them.

Email Features List

Annual Cost excluding vat from£5.00
Annual Cost including vat from£6.00
POP3/IMAP Email Accounts1
Mailbox Storage up to5GB
Attachment Size30MB
Send & receive with SSL/TLS encryptionSSL Business email
Dedicated geo-redundant mail serversMirrored Business email
Webmail Access from anywhereUK Business Webmail
Mobile Phone (iOS/Android) AccessMobile Email
Email AliasesEmail Aliases
Anti-virus protectionEmail with Anti-virus
Anti-spam protectionBusiness Email with Anti-spam
Auto-respondersEmail Auto-responders
Mirrored Email SystemBusiness email
No advertisementsBusiness email with no adverts
Confidential & PrivateConfidential and Private Email
Daily BackupDaily Backups
Weekly BackupWeekly Backups
Monthly BackupMonthly Backups
Local Backups and Remote BackupsLocal and Remote Backups

You do not need your email and website together. Your website can stay exactly as it is, while you enjoy a superior email system.


Automatically synchronise your email between our servers and your computer, laptop and mobile. Read and send all your email from any of your devices.

Secure backup

Daily, weekly and monthly backup of your emails is included to multiple secure off-site locations. We’re the only UK business to include this as standard.

Virus & spam protection

Advanced anti virus and hundreds of spam protection mechanisms to keep your inbox safe from malicious threats and annoying junk mail.

100% UK based support

We are a UK based company established for over 20 years. We provide outstanding support on the web or by email, chat, IM or remotely.

Webmail Access

View, read and send your email from any computer or device with an internet connection from anywhere in the world using our secure browser based webmail.

Mirrored Email

For the ultimate in reliability all your account data and email messages are automatically synchronised between our mail servers in two geographically separated data centres for true geo-redundancy.

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Email Information

  • How do I view, send and receive my email?
    On your desktop or laptop or other device you can use any IMAP or POP3 compatible email cient, some commonly used examples include:
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Outlook Express
    • Windows Live Mail
    • Apple Mail
    • Thunderbird
    • Opera Mail
  • Can I use your email hosting if my domain name is registered elsewhere?

    Yes, you can either make some changes to your DNS settings or simply transfer your domain name to our management which comes with your own control panel.

  • Do I need a domain name for email hosting?

    Yes, email using your own domain name builds your businesses branding and reputation so your own domain name, registered in your name, is essential. If you don’t already have one we can register one for you.

  • Doesn’t email come with website hosting?

    Normally yes. But it is an afterthought and your email will be on the same shared system as your own website and hundreds of others. As soon as one website is hacked and starts sending spam, then everyones email will be blacklisted and your email will be marked as spam or mysteriously vanish! We run secure, dedicated mail servers and constantly monitor their IP addresses to keep them clean.

    In addition to this, email supplied with your website hosting will only have a very small amount of storage which you will quickly use up. Neither will it have the redundancy and backup that we provide.

  • Is 5GB storage enough?

    It is more than enough to store many tens of thousands of emails. An exception might be if you receive attachments of large images or documents in which case it can easily be upgraded as required.

  • How many email accounts?

    Normally a business will have one email account for each employee. This will be personalised to the employee using their first and last name; just their first name or perhaps their initial and last name. For example or or

    Generic email addresses such as info@, sales@ or accounts@ can either be aliases which will forward to one or more employees or be their own email accounts. This depends on what is best for your business.

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