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Create an image backup of your hard drive for bare metal restore and complete disaster recovery using Iperius Backup version 6.0.5.

1 – Create new backup job

Create new image backup job
New backup job to create backup hard drive image


2 – Select “Add Drive Image Backup” option


Drive image clone backup job
Select Drive Image Backup from menu

3 – Select System Drive

Select the drive containing the system partitions; the system drive is indicated by the Windows symbol. All system partitions will be automatically selected for you:

Select system drives and all partitions to backup
Select system drives and all partitions to backup

4 – Select External Drive

Your backup image should be saved to an external USB hard drive. Click the Select button, a dialog window will open which you can use to select the required drive. Your external drive will probably have a different name and letter:

Select destination folder for computer backup
Select destination folder or drive for backup

5 – Name and Description

For now, skip the Destinations, Scheduling, Options, E-mail notifications and Other processes tabs by clicking the Next button. You can leave the default text or give your own name and description for this backup job on the Summary tab:

Summary tab create computer backup job
Name and description for backup job on summary tab

finally, click the OK button and your backup job has now been created.

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