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Sometimes when viewing a web page you may need to refresh the page and clicking the refresh button just doesn’t seem to work.

Modern web browsers now have a built in method which performs a complete refresh or “Hard Refresh” and it provides the confidence it has actually refreshed the webpage.

Press the F12 key

Pressing the F12 key will open the developer tools. The developer tools open in a small window which will be positioned at the bottom or to one side of your web browser. Note: you do not need to use the developer tools, you just need them to be open which is done by pressing F12.

If you are using a laptop, you may need to press ‘FN’ key, which is typically coloured in blue.

If you are using Microsoft Edge you may see the following window when you click F12:

If you see the above window click “Open DevTools”.

You must now right mouse click on the circular refresh button, from the menu that appears click on Hard Refresh.

Finally you can close the developer tools by once again pressing F12 on your keyboard.

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