Setup Email Account in Outlook 2016

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Setup Email Account in Outlook 2016

Follow these steps to setup your email account in Outlook 2016. This will allow you to send and receive email; here we are going to use POP3 for receiving email.

Add Email Account
Click on Add Account



Type your email address in the box. Then click the arrow to display the Advanced Options and tick the box labelled “Let me set up my account manually”:

Type email address
Type your email address and tick box for manual setup


Outlook will display the getting things ready window:

Wait for Outlook


Click on the POP button since we are using POP3 for our email:

Click for POP Account
Click for POP Account


We will provide you with the settings for the next window; please contact us if you do not have them. However, the following settings are always used:

  • Incoming mail uses port 995
  • Incoming mail has “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)” ticked
  • Outgoing mail uses port 465
  • Outgoing mail “Encryption method” is SSL/TLS

These settings are shown in the image below:

Enter server settings
Enter server names, ports and encryption settings


If this window appears, type your user name and password. Also ensure “save this password in your password list” is ticked:

Username and password
Type your Username and password


You email account is now set up and ready to use. “Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too” is ticked by default. Either un-tick it, or if you leave it ticked you will get a link to download Outlook for your mobile device.

You have finished


You can now start to use Outlook for sending and receiving emails. All of the above steps can be viewed in the following slideshow which may be easier to follow as you set things up.


Setup Email Account in Outlook 2016 in a slideshow

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