3 Must-Haves for Email Marketing

Social media has altered the landscape of digital marketing. But email marketing still holds its weight. Email marketing provides relatable and informational topics clearly and interestingly.

Three ways to incorporate those elements are call-to-actions (CTAs), graphics, and attention-grabbing subject lines.

Call-to-Actions in Email Marketing

A button is one of the first components of an email a reader will gravitate to. Buttons are formerly known as call-to-actions or CTAs.

By definition, CTAs are a direct marketing push towards a specific action. A CTA can be a button or link at the end of an email. Call-to-actions are essential to the email because they draw the reader to the website, drive email analytics, and improve sales.

Graphics in Email Marketing

Statistically, businesses can anticipate email viewership will be an average of twelve seconds per reader. So companies have to make the best use of that time. Graphics and imagery are one of the best options to peak a reader’s interest.

But interest is not the only factor. Graphics also add a real-time visual element to the product. This helps the reader find the product’s value and can lead to increased sales and brand awareness.

Subject Lines for Email Marketing

Subject lines are the first visible aspect of an email. A subject line should engage the reader with a short, concise, alluring statement. If a subject line is not compelling, businesses can expect lower email engagement rates.

Similar to graphics, subject lines add value to the reader. Without a great subject line, businesses should not expect significant responses to graphics or call-to-actions.

Planning a Marketing Email

A marketing email aims to increase brand awareness and sales by adding value. Using the essential elements, CTAs, graphics, and subject lines, you can make your email worthwhile to the reader.

Alone, each element can shift the scale of the email. Together, call-to-actions, excellent graphics, and enticing subject lines can increase conversion, brand recognition, and loyalty.

Are you ready to start your journey towards increased email marketing engagement? Make email marketing work for you; start today.