4 Simple Ways Email Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

Emails usually get a split-second decision on whether to continue reading or not. This is determined by the subject line, content structure and formatting style. For the next five seconds, all these decide if you’ll spend another minute reading the email.

It is easy to ignore the benefits and power of using email marketing. However, when done the right way, it works efficiently. This article discusses ways to improve your e-mail marketing strategies to skyrocket your sales.

1 – Know your Audience

Know your subscribers and identify the different reasons they subscribe. Blasting them with the same message is the worst mistake you can make. The probability of a customer acting on an e-mail that doesn’t address their needs is limited. Use list segmentation to sort and send the correct message to the right audience. This is critical to the success of the email campaign.

2 – Use Transaction E-mails

These are emails usually received after making a purchase online. It may be an order confirmation, a shipping notice or a thank you. They have a high open rate due to the recipient’s interest. It is the best opportunity a business can take to entice the customer to make an additional purchase. It can be done by:

  • Providing a discount on another purchase
  • Providing a list of similar items bought by the customer
  • Listing items usually purchased with the buyer’s purchase

3 – Reward Referring Customers

There is power in the word of mouth. This statement is true in marketing. Customers are more receptive to a service when referred by someone they trust. So businesses should prioritize more to provide the best customer experience. A satisfied customer will always come back and bring another customer. One way to reward the customer is to give discounts. For example, you can place an ad telling the customer to refer a friend, make a £25 purchase, and get a £5 discount.

4 – Optimize the Subject Line and Content Structure

First impressions matter. Your headline has to grab the reader’s attention and convince them to open the email. It should be enticing enough to arouse curiosity in the reader. If you do this; your email open rate will be high. Format your content structure to make it easy to read, and highlight the main point.

Increasing online sales means knowing your audience and building a rapport with them. Use transactional emails to get additional sales. Reward referring customers for customer retention. Moreover, optimizing the subject line and content structure to grab the reader’s attention. Applying all this will skyrocket your online sales.