5 Cutting-edge Strategies to Improve Your SEO Rankings

S.E.O. stands for Search Engine Optimization – a method used to rank your website within search engine results. When done correctly and combined with other marketing and technology strategies, SEO can help your businesses achieve better rankings and reach the first page of Google’s search.

This article outlines 5 cutting-edge strategies you can use to improve your SEO rankings.

Improve your Website Speed

One of the best ways to improve your search rankings is to enhance your website’s speed. Optimizing your website for speed will improve the user’s experience on the site and improve search engine ranking positions.

Search engines like when a website’s page speed is fast because it wants to give their users the best results. Websites with a long loading time suffer and never make it to the first page of Google.

Google’s job is to present the most relevant websites within their search results. Speed is a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm because it considers people’s attention spans.

If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, the audience will likely get fed up and go to a competitor’s website. Also, if Google were to reward slow and irrelevant websites, it would develop a bad reputation.

Google will only rank websites with fresh content, fast page speed, and relevant content the user is searching for. Another good thing about website speed is that it may lead to a better conversion rate. The reason is that people are not leaving your website due to long loading times. A fast page load means quick access to your content. You will benefit from premium business website hosting.

Produce Fresh SEO Content

Producing fresh SEO content on your website will rank it high within search results. As mentioned in the previous section, search engines will always provide their users with relevant content. This is so the user can have a pleasant experience and return again to use the search engine. This is why Google is used by billions of people around the world, because of its relevant search results.

Producing fresh content is also beneficial to your readers. No one wants to visit a website with outdated content. Website visitors want to read the latest content on whatever they are searching for. If you seem slow to update your content, visitors may not return to your site.

Use Keyword Optimization Throughout Your Content

You may have a great blog, but without relevant keywords, you won’t rank well. This makes it harder for your audience to discover your great content. Keyword optimization is a vital part of SEO – it’s wise to add it to your website content and content that points to your site (backlinking).

With keyword optimization, it’s crucial not to choose competitive keywords that big companies use. Instead, you want to use less competitive keywords so you can rank well and drive a decent amount of traffic to your website. Keyword optimization should be in all content covering articles, image texts, video titles and descriptions, inbound and outbound links, and even your domain name. Creating a content strategy guided by keyword research will enable you to optimize content for your target audience.

Write Your Content To Rank In Search Engines

Your written content should be created in a way that gets it to rank well within search results. This means that you need to add substance and make your content engaging. Also, mix your content with a variety of text, images, videos, and inbound and outbound links.

Here’s what you can add to increase your chances of ranking well:

– Create content with relevant keywords
– Optimize all content on your post
– Mix your content with text, images, videos, and links
– Create lengthier posts with 1,300 words or more
– Lengthy posts can contain more keywords which will help with ranking
– Focus on quality even when writing lengthy articles

If you apply this advice, it will rank your website over time. Remember that SEO takes time – you won’t see the benefits of it for a few weeks, even months from now. Just be persistent with your SEO efforts – you will see the results down the line.

Build Your Backlinks From Authority Websites

A lot of entrepreneurs are wondering whether backlinking still works today. The answer is it does. Yes, backlinking still plays a role in boosting your search rankings. Remember that if you’re backlinking from low-quality websites, then it won’t do much for your website’s ranking. If you get a backlink to your site from an authoritative website – particularly relevant to your field – it will boost your rankings. Again, search engines like ranking content that’s highly relevant to a user’s search query – it makes the experience more enjoyable.

It also builds trust and will make the user return to using the search engine again. Keep this in mind when you are searching for websites to backlink from.


These are 5 strategies you can use to improve your SEO rankings. Work on producing fresh content on a consistent basis. Your audience will appreciate you updating your website frequently. More importantly, the search engines will rank you higher. Remember to mix up your content with text, images, and videos. This will help engage the visitor and have them remain on the site to finish reading the article.

Lastly, keywords and backlinking are vital parts of SEO that you should use. These are methods that will make you crush your competition if used correctly.