5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Custom Email Address

Is it important to use a custom email address? If you’re focused on increasing sales and growing a reputable business, it’s a no-brainer. A custom email address includes your domain name in the address structure. An example would be name@yourdomain.com. If you register a domain, you can create a custom email account. Once created, connect the custom email address to your email provider, so that all email related to your business comes through your custom email address. It’s a simple process, and here’s why you need one.

A Custom Email Looks More Professional

You want your business to make a good impression, right? A custom email address creates a more professional image for your business. Too often, people set up their personal Gmail account as the default contact for their business. When people see a Gmail address, they may think you’re conducting business on the side. A custom email address helps dispel this idea while adding credibility. People judge your business and its professionalism based on how you communicate with them. A custom email address makes your business look more professional.

A professional business needs a professional email address that reflects that professionalism. It’s also going to make your customers feel much more comfortable doing business with you if they see that you’re a credible and established business. If they see your personal email address and realize that you are also using it for your business, they could think you’re unorganized and unprepared; not someone they can trust or feel comfortable doing business with. Make it clear from the beginning: you’re a pro at what you do, and your business isn’t small time.

It’s Important for Brand Building

The biggest benefit of having a custom email address is that your email address matches your brand. If your business name is “Top Dog Plumbing,” you could use info@topdogplumbing.com. Every time someone types in your email address or sees it, it’s free branding for your business. You build a stronger relationship with your customers when you use a branded email address and it doesn’t cost extra.

A Custom Email Address Can Lead to More Sales

Sales are the name of the game, right? An email address like info@mybusiness.com makes it much easier for potential clients to recognize and remember you. Customers who use your services and want to spread the word can say, “I emailed info@mybusiness.com, check it out,” rather than trying to remember a nondescript address that ends in .com or .net.

Also, if a potential customer receives an email from your personal email address, they may be unsure who you are and what your business does. They may delete it or mark it as spam. That’s why having a custom email address for your company is so important. When someone sees your email in their inbox, it clearly defines who you are and what you do, so there’s less confusion and hesitancy.

You’ll Get More Features with a Custom Email Address

If you use a free service like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, you don’t have access to the same features as with a custom domain name. For example, you wouldn’t be able to create autoresponders with a personal email. Email autoresponders are automated emails sent out in response to a customer’s action. It could be opening an email, clicking a link within an email, or triggering an autoresponder message on a scheduled basis. Using this strategy to initiate contact with your target audience can increase sales by as much as 30 percent.

You can also use an autoresponder to create a series of emails that educate your potential customers. This is often referred to as a drip marketing campaign and is an excellent way to generate sales. With a custom email address, you can access autoresponders and use them as a marketing tool.

A Custom Email Address Makes It Easier if You Have Employees

A custom email address makes it easier for your employees to connect. Whether they’re helping a customer on live chat or responding to an email, they can immediately send the information back to their inbox. The result is intuitive and streamlined communication across all channels. This makes it easier for you to deliver better customer service. Giving your employees individualized @yourcompany.com email accounts helps them create their brand and gives them personal space within the company’s domain.

The Bottom Line

Having a custom email address separate from your personal account offers many benefits to your online business. It allows you to have a professional and memorable email that stands out from the competition and helps build a brand. Having a separate email address for your business is no longer optional for businesses. It’s necessary if you want to keep yourself from looking unprofessional. The best way to handle this is by creating a custom email address for your business that looks professional and will help make a great first impression.

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