Electronic Point Of Sale EPOS system for independent high street retailers and shops in the UK. This is our EPOS system designed from the outset specifically for the UK market and uniquely, to integrate with an e-commerce website.

Product stock levels are automatically synchronised between the shop and website. In as little as one minute of a sale being made either on the website or in the shop; the stock level is automatically synchronised between the two.

EPOS for scanning and selecting products
EPOS goods inward screen
Goods Inwards screen for scanning new stock

The EPOS system was built to run on standard desktop computers running Microsoft Windows to ensure low cost and ease of supply and maintenance. In a high street shop an EPOS is in a fixed position, so expensive tablets are wasteful and simply not required.

EPOS touchscreen, cash drawer and receipt printer
EPOS touchscreen, cash drawer and receipt printer

The EPOS system uses industry standard hardware for touch screen, cash drawer and high speed receipt printers.

EPOS barcode scanner
Barcode scanner

The entire EPOS system could be used with the touch screen and for checking out all items could be scanned for fast customer service. Goods inwards could also use a barcode scanner for updating stock levels.