Promote Your Blog for Free: 4 Creative Methods

With so many blogs online, it can be challenging for web searchers to find your blog posts. As a result, you may struggle to get many page views for your blog. So, you need a way to promote your blog if you want to drive lots of visitors to your site. Even if you don’t have an advertising budget, you can still promote your blog for free and get serious page views. Here are 4 methods to consider to promote your blog for free.

1. Promote Your Blog by Networking

At first, networking can seem intimidating. You’re setting yourself up for potential rejection. But it can be one of the most impactful ways of free promotion. For example, you could make friends with a blogger with an audience of over 500,000 readers. One day, they may decide to share one of your posts with their audience. As a result, your site would have exposure to 500,000 new people. So, building relationships with the right people is an almost guaranteed way of success.

That said, blogger outreach is a long-term method for driving serious page views. You’re building relationships, so it takes time. But when you network with the right people, your blog will open up to exciting opportunities. Connecting with bloggers in your niche can help your blog reach new audiences, land promotions, and increase your readership. With blogger outreach, you won’t only be promoting your blog, but you’ll meet new people that will make a difference in your life.

There are a few ways you can get started with blogger networking. A proven method is to send an introduction email or social media message. If you take a genuine approach, this can be an excellent way to build relationships.

Other great methods:

-Commenting on their posts
-Creating expert roundup posts
-Citing them in your blogs and reaching out to let them know

Again, your focus is to be genuine and lead with value. Provide something of interest to the person you want to reach out to, and you’re very likely to have success.

2. Promote Your Blog on Online Forums

Another creative way to promote your blog is using online forums. For example Reddit, Quora, and Facebook Groups. These are digital boards where people discuss conversations around a topic.

By promoting your blog on an online forum, you can tap into the users of the forum. In fact, the most popular online forum, Reddit, gets 1.7 billion monthly visitors. For beginner bloggers, this is very helpful.

When you’re starting, your new site won’t have much authority. This can make it difficult to get visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, or Safari. But, it’s very easy to get visibility on online forums. When you get visibility on online forums, your blog has a chance to drive excellent page views.

To get started, find a list of active online forums in the niche of your blog. Then, start engaging and answering questions in the forum. When it seems appropriate, you can add a link to your blog in the footnotes. But, try to avoid being spammy. Online forums have strict guidelines to prevent spam. Instead, focus on adding value to the forum, and you’ll be successful.

3. Promoting Your Blog with Pins

Pinterest is an image-focused search engine where you post “pins”, which are images with descriptions. Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest isn’t only a place for stylish outfits and DIY projects. Pinterest is a search engine like Google. For this reason, many bloggers use Pinterest as their primary way of free promotion.

Studies have found that Pinterest content is very spreadable. For example, platforms like Facebook stop promoting your posts after a few days. But on Pinterest, users can find your pins years later. As a result, you can get consistent page views through Pinterest alone, even if you’re no longer posting on your blog. What’s more, any blogger can use Pinterest, even if they’re in less creative niches like marketing or finance.

Using Pinterest is a proven way to drive more page views and traffic to your blog. Use Pinterest to promote your blog by posting infographics or photos around your blog topic. Once you have your image, you can post it on Pinterest. Before you post your image, link your blog post in the description.

4. Promoting Your Blog by Guest Posting

As a blogger, you may have heard of guest posting before. Guest posting refers to writing posts on another blogger’s website.

In most cases, the website you guest post on will link back to your blog or website. Guest posting on quality websites allows Google to associate your site as a quality site too. As a result, Google is more likely to show your blog to other web surfers. This is perfect for you, as your blog will get more visitors coming to your site for free.

To get started with guest posting, you could research blogs in your niche. Then, make a list of email addresses of the blogs that you want to guest post for. After, send a friendly introduction to the person in charge of the blog. You aim to be genuine and make the email as personalized as possible. It’s advisable to avoid general “info” or “support” email addresses. Instead, focus on the specific email address of the decision-makers (e.g. CEO, director, head of content marketing).

As you can see, the internet and social media mean that free promotion is everywhere. Stick with one of these methods of promoting your blog to get more page views and build an audience around your blog.