In this information age where there is high competition in the business world, it’s not enough to just own a business website. You must implement relevant marketing strategies to enhance your website’s popularity and increase its traffic. You will definitely increase your sales and make more money when traffic to your website improves.

There are several online marketing tactics you can employ to increase the visibility of your business website and outrank your competitors on the search engine result pages. If you want marketing strategies to work for you, it’s very important you integrate these web tools.

They will help you to run massive marketing campaigns that can improve your sales and revenue.

Link Tracker

Link tracker is one of the great web tools you can integrate to check the links that your website received from other sites. These days, search engines are more interested in the quality of links coming into your website than quantity of the links.

Building quality links that point back to your website is one the effective SEO strategies you can use to generate organic traffic. Link Tracker will show you the quality of incoming and outgoing links on your website.

Alexa Rank Checker

This is a useful web tool that provides accurate data which can help you to have the edge over millions of other websites. Alexa Rank Checker will give you the traffic history graph of any web page.

You can use it to generate vital information that will improve your marketing campaigns. It can compare your site’s ranking over your competitors sites so that you can find ways to outrank them.

Domain Age Checker

This advanced web tool will show you the age of your domain name. Many marketers are using Domain Age Checker to gain information that will improve their marketing efforts.

If you want to order advertising space on any website, it’s important to check the domain age of that website. A domain name that has been on the web a long while will benefit you more than the ones that have been there for a short time.

The tool will make it easy for you to discover how long a domain name has been running on the Internet.

RSS Generator

This important web tool will let you create RSS feed from any web page of your choice. If your favourite websites do not provide RSS, this tool will help you to track their latest news and updates.

When you enter the URL of the websites, you want to track. The tool will generate a unique URL for each feed. The good part is that the RSS feed will be updating automatically once you created it.

Password Encryption Tool

Use this free web tool to secure your credit cards and social security account. Password Encryption Tool is designed to protect your password and prevent cyber criminals from hacking your website.

It encrypts your file, making it difficult for people to access your password. The tool is a must use if you want to achieve total data security. You can use it to encrypt your customer’s passwords and gain their trust.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

This is one of the top web tools that help search engines to see the contents of your web pages exactly the way they should be. There is a possibility that some of the posts and links on your web pages may not be visible to search engines.

It can stimulate search engines to properly view content displayed as images and flash based content. Search Engine Spider Simulator will make search engines to see and crawl the hyperlinks on your web pages.

Backlink Checker

You can use Backlink Checker tool to view the backlink details of any website on the Internet. It will show you the websites that are linking to your website.

You can use Backlink Checker tool to discover possible link opportunities that will improve your business performance. In addition, it allows you to check domain authority and page authority of any website.

Online Broken Link Checker

This robust web tool will help you to discover dead links on your websites and blogs. Online Broken Link Checker will scan your web pages to spot the broken links that are harming your website’s rank.

It’s one of the top web tools many webmasters are using to validate their internal and external links. Discovering and fixing dead hyperlinks on your web pages can help increase your traffic.

Reciprocal Link Checker

Use this web tool to check if your link partners are still pointing back at your site. Reciprocal Links can help boost your rank on search engine result pages.

These days, it’s hard to find link partners you can trust. The good news is that this tool will tell you when your link partners have stop linking back to you.

Website Speed Checker

This web tool makes it easy to track the loading speed of your website. You can improve your site’s rank by optimizing the speed of your web pages. These days, people run away from websites that take time to load.

The interesting part is that this tool can check your website performance and help you to improve the speed of your site.

Ping Test Tool

This is an accurate web tool that will check if your site is available globally. Ping Test Tool is a very important tool that can analyse your web pages and improve your site performance.

You can use it to ping your website for visibility in over 69 locations around the world. It can monitor your site for continuous availability and will notify you when your site goes down.

You can also use it to quickly discover the IP address of your domain name and check if your domain resolves properly.

Meta Tag Generator

High-quality Meta description can enhance your click-through rates. Meta Tag Generator is designed to help you create Meta description tags that will attract more customers to your web pages.

Many popular search engines such as Google display Meta description tags in their search results to help online users find the content they are looking for. It’s imperative you integrate this tool to create your own unique Meta description that will boost conversion.

Keyword Tool

This is one of the effective web tools you can incorporate to find high search keywords that will boost your page rankings. When you enter your keywords, it will show you the exact search volumes of that keyword.

You can use to view the profitable keywords your competitors are using to make sales more than you. It will help you discover seasonal keywords, trending topics and keyword opportunities that will drive massive traffic to your site.

Search Listings Preview Tool

This is an amazing tool you can’t afford to ignore if you want to see a preview of how search engines displayed your web pages on the search results. It will show a preview of your page title and Meta description, so you can optimize your pages for higher rank.

Just insert your page title, Meta description, website address and search keywords in the boxes. The tool will instantly display how your web page will appear in the search engine results.

HTML Validator

This free web tool will allow you to check the validity of a part of your code or document. There are several syntactical errors that will prevent your HTML from displaying properly on some browsers.

HTML Validator can help you discover the syntactical mistakes in the HTML code so as to make changes that will improve your website performance.

These are some of the effective web tools you can’t afford to ignore if you are interested in boosting your website performance.