5 Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an act of sending promotional messages via electronic mail to a group of potential and current customers. It can help you connect with the right people to achieve your business goals. Below we are going to discuss the benefits of Email Marketing.

Low cost

Email Marketing is cheaper when you need more features and functionality is also cheaper compared to mainstream marketing channels like billboards, televisions and magazines. This is possible because you will not incur costs like print and postage fees or advertising rates that are charged to other channels.

However, you may spend a very small amount on a professional email marketing software to track, automate or evaluate emails. But this is far cheaper compared to spending on mainstream channels.

Can be shared Easily

With a simple click of the forward button, consumers can share your products, offers, and, news to their families and friends. This also increases the possibility of reaching anyone in the world if targeted well. The internet has no borders, you can get customers from different parts of the world thus leading to increase in sales.

It is targeted

You have the ability to control who sees the email and when since it allows you to address everyone personally. By using market segmentation, you are able to send messages to your contacts based on demographics, status, age and income reaching only to the most interested and targeted group. It ensures that customers receive contents suited specifically to their needs.

Increases brand awareness

Through each email sent, your customers get to know your new products, promotions, and services. When you plan strategically and put the right content your customers will never forget your products and at the right time, they will eventually buy it from your business when they need the product in future.

Increase Sales

When you direct the right email campaigns to the right people, you can improve your sales. This is possible through email segmentation and getting personal with every customer and sending carefully segmented emails to buyers.

The prospect buyers may not instantly buy but may keep in mind and eventually buy the product later and also through sharing with friends and family you can be able to attract new customers to your business.

Email marketing has so many benefits, it helps you interact with new people, create trust and establish faith in your brand, having the notion that email marketing is dead is wrong since it is still widely used by many industries and businesses across the world.