Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people using email. Every email sent to a prospect or customer is considered email marketing. The purpose is to advertise or solicit sales.

As a strategy in online business, email marketing is crucial in achieving success. It contributes enormously to the growth and development of a business. It is an effective digital marketing strategy due to its ease of use and can reach a large audience in no time. Effective email marketing converts prospects into customers. These four ways highlight the effectiveness of email marketing.

1 – Communication Channel

Through email, you can reach a large group of people instantly. This easily convinces prospects to subscribe to your services. Most people who access the internet often use emails for one reason or another which makes it a good way to reach them.

2 – Converts Better

It turns potential prospects into customers. It is cost-effective and has a higher percentage of Returns on Investment (ROI) estimated at 15% according to research conducted by “Barillance Company’’. You can easily gain access to new customers if you use email marketing properly. Most people do not know where to get certain services but when information is well-packaged and sounds convincing they can easily turn to your services.

3 – Creates Awareness

Email marketing creates awareness. Many can get information about your services through emails. This is because it’s easily accessible and frequently used by many people as a mode of official communication.

4 – Traffic generation

Emails bring about much-needed consultations for the growth and development of your business. The multiple ideas arising can be taken positively and put into consideration to improve the delivery of services. It is also a means for potential customers to request services and even seek clarifications.

3 Important Types of Email Marketing

1 – Email News Letter

Such emails you send out to your company’s subscribers by updating them on new products and services. You provide new information as you also market your products and services.

2 – Transactional Emails

They are in the form of receipts or statements. Through them, you provide your customers with a channel back to the website, where they are informed of new products and services.

3 – Behavioural Emails

Emails generated due to behaviour. Interactions through the company’s website often lead to the generation of such emails. It is an excellent method to boost customer engagement. You can understand customers’ needs due to a sense of preference. Customer actions also bring about continuous improvements to the business.

Email marketing when properly utilized is a perfect strategy for marketing and thus highly effective.