So you are want to build a website, but this whole thing is new to you? It is easy to find yourself stuck before getting started. With the right tools and the right guide, creating a website is an easy process. To help you out, here is a step-by-step guide. It details all the things you need to succeed in this course.

Purpose of the website

Some people get to a point of wanting to start a website without an idea of its purpose. You need to dig deep to know the exact goal for starting your website. Clarify the goal you want to achieve with the site. Your passion, talent, and experience helps in making this decision.

The site can be product based, service based, name them. If the purpose of the site is service based, your aim will be getting people to hire you for services offered. A product based website focuses on ways to get people to buy what they are selling. The purpose of a website could also be as simple as sharing knowledge. Everything else should play a role to help you achieve that goal.

A domain name

As simple as this step sounds, it is very important to do it right. You have to come up with a website name that describes your site purpose. It should be short and straightforward. Be creative while site name brainstorming ideas.

You do not have to register an exact match domain name. When buying a domain name, you have to look up for an available match. The name you have come up with for your site might not be available. Choose one that is close to your original idea and avoid misspelling and ambiguous name. This second step of things you need when starting a website might be quite daunting, try to get through with it as soon as possible.

Web hosting

A web host is a place where your online content is stored. You usually register your domain name and then buy a web-hosting plan that fits your budget and plans. Some hosting plans include packages that can host more than one domain and these subscriptions go from months to years.

There are four types of web hosting: shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and free hosting (found on free website creation platforms though not recommended). Pick the right hosting plan for your website purpose.

Design of your website (Template/Theme)

This falls as number three on our list of the things you need when starting a website. A website template allows your website to look professional without hiring a website designer. It gives you a seamless and economical way to create a stunning website. You can use a website builder and a Template/Theme (there are many paid and free themes out there, the choice is yours) to achieve this.

The other option is to hire someone experienced to build you something unique that suits your website needs. You can as well learn website design and build your website from scratch. Although, this might take you a lot of time especially if you do not have any experience.


What people get to see/read when they visit your website is very important. This will determine the success of your project. As the cliché goes, “content is king”, that is exactly it. Work on putting quality before your website visitors; let someone want to bookmark your site because of what they get there. Be unique, be creative, let the passion to share exclusive content with your readers drive you. Be consistent.

Writing might not your thing but it is among the nine things you need when starting a website and the most crucial. Go ahead and hire a professional writer to help you. They are experienced writers. Their content drives visitors and engages readers. However, if you want to develop your writing skills, start writing; take time to read content that matches your site interests, along with other writing tips and guidelines.

Privacy policy

Under content is the privacy policy – a legal agreement for your website or online business. Regardless of your website content, a privacy policy is necessary. It is located in the footer or header of the website. Apart from the fact that it increases the legitimacy of your website. Here are the most important reasons to have it:

The law requires it.

Most users are keen to read the policy before further interacting with a website. This happens especially when a site deals with purchases and personal information.

Most third party services that you will use to monetize and develop your website require a privacy policy.

A Video explainer

Among the things that you need when starting a website is a video explainer. It is a big asset to a website. The video should be about 90 seconds. Use the explainer video to give visitors more information. This could explain/sell a product and explain the website or services provided. It should demonstrate this effectively. It helps visitors make a buying decision. A quality video explainer is more likely to be shared. In addition, people viewing it on other platforms will definitely come visit your site.

Solent analytics

One of the most valued free website tools you do not want to miss. Setting up the Solent Analytics tool is quite easy. Set it up immediately your website is ready. The tool provides insights on how many visitors the website received, how they discovered the site, whether you have any returning visitors, demographic aspects of your visitors and so many other details that are important to keep track of.

A business email address

This is a requirement for anyone who is serious about building an online business. It is not easy to build trust and credibility with free email addresses. Email addresses like, “” create unnecessary doubt and will cost you potential clients/customers. Get a professional business email address with your website domain name.

As challenging as these things you need when starting a website may seem, do not fret. The secret is in doing things step-by-step, one stage at time. Do not get yourself to do all this in a day. With that said, give yourself a deadline and you will get it done. Your website will soon be up and running. Always be prepared to face new challenges with every step.