How do you get Valued backlinks to a Website?

Backlinks are various links that provide a connection between different websites. Backlinks include an external link from your website to another or from other people’s websites to yours. Backlinks are crucial in improving your website ranking on Google Search, improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, brand visibility and recognition. Quality backlinks drive traffic to your website thus ensuring high performance on various website SEO metrics. There are three ways to build high quality and effective backlinks to your website.

The first approach is to generate high quality, fresh, unique and appealing content. The content needs to be regular and consistent. Your content also needs to offer value and solve problems for your visitors and other websites, who hopefully will then be willing to offer backlinks to your site. People will only follow your site and add links to their blogs or websites if they find the content relevant, appropriate and suitable for their needs and those of their visitors. Therefore, better content attracts a significantly high number of backlists to your website. Content formats, such as blogs, listicles, video, infographics and ‘how to’ articles tend to attract attention from visitors and provide the best type of content with quality backlinks.

The second way to build valuable backlinks is to conduct detailed SEO-rich keyword research and incorporate them in your website content. Visitors use keywords when conducting Google Searches. It therefore follows that content with relevant and quality keywords on the topics people are looking for will be easily discovered. Moreover, content with quality keywords tend to rank highly on Google. This means that other websites will be willing to provide backlinks to content with great keywords so that they can improve their SEO and performance.

Apart from having great content and high quality keywords on your website, it is important to reach out to other website owners that are looking for content on the various topics that you cover. One way is to reach out to sites seeking your content and directly ask for backlinks. Another way is to seek guest writing and publishing opportunities on other authoritative sites with a lot of traffic and provide backlinks to your website. Moreover, a site owner can offer to write a testimonial for a high authority and resourceful website with great content and high traffic. A great testimonial will create an association with the authoritative website, boost a websites SEO and provide a backlink to your website. The increased exposure and backlinks will contribute to growth in traffic for a website.

Valuable backlinks contribute to SEO-performance of a website, thus increasing its ranking and discoverability on Google Search. Websites with quality backlinks attract more traffic and perform better than those without them. In this article we have explored ways of getting valuable backlinks to a website including creating quality content that attract backlinks, conducting detailed keyword research and reaching out to website owners to provide backlinks to your website. Applying any of the strategies highlighted in this article will aid you in creating valuable backlinks to your website and contribute to your efforts to improve the performance of your site.