Why Choose Website Marketing Over Facebook Marketing

Marketing is a way to create, maintain and satisfy the target client on the business you are doing. Before settling on the industry to venture in, it is recommended to decide on the marketing strategy to use. However, technology has made it easier for product and services marketing with business owners left to decide on the sites to use; which is very crucial. Some of the reasons why website marketing is better than Facebook marketing include:

Cost of ads

Facebook has two modes of ads payment; pay per a thousand impressions (CPM) where one pays every time your ad is clicked 1000 times, and pay for a click (CPC) where you spend every time your product gets viewed. However, small business people cannot afford the higher costs of maintaining their ads, therefore, preferring a website.


Facebook marketing demands dedication since one should respond to any questions or concerns posted on the page. Getting a target customer or a prospective one means posting your product to every group you come across or to personal posts, and hence following for any replies. Therefore, for popularity, one should consider having a group of ‘people of interest’ to share your products to groups and recommend it to individuals. This will consume your time and resources compared to websites, which have automated replies.


A business that is reluctant to share or discuss their operations in public may not find an audience on Facebook. It is weird for a potential customer to inquire about your product and services only to get a ‘check your inbox’ reply. This will trigger some doubts to that client despite your product being legitimate. Secondly, among the millions of active Facebook users, it will be hard to analyze interested clients, unlike on a website where a large number of those visiting are interested.

Marketing space

A Facebook page is limited to a width of 520 pixels. This means one cannot offer much useful information about their products. Consequently, Potential clients who are not fun on Facebook or who feel their interest in the product should be kept secret find it hard to inquire. On the contrary, a website has enough space to offer information about your product, enabling a prospective buyer to make a solid decision about it.

Business reputation

Facebook is a potent medium where information to shutter your business can spread within minutes. This means you will require professional marketers to offer diligent customer care services. Also, competitors and haters may use the platform freely to tarnish your name and the product you are advertising. For instance, a customer complaining about you offering them what they believe to be counterfeit goods or services needs to be handled very carefully.

Facebook attracts every type of consumer especially those who wish to criticise for the smallest of reasons; Facebook is open to abuse and aids the spread of misinformation and has scant regard for fact and honesty. It’s best avoided by anyone with a sense of decency; you will achieve far more from building your own business website.

Finally, marketing is a crucial element of business growth, and one should research well based on their preferences on the medium to use. Cheap platforms or marketing personnel’s may tarnish your name and the product you are marketing to the extent of bringing your business down. Well, those intending to advertise their product on Facebook should consider creating a website and referring it to potential clients on Facebook.