Navigating Email Marketing

Companies everywhere are moving away from traditional advertising and embracing more modern methods like online marketing, which comes in various forms like email marketing. Email marketing is the sending of promotional messages to a group of people, mostly existing or potential customers using email. It entails using email to send ads, request business or seek sales and its intention is to build trust and loyalty or foster awareness of the brand. There are two types of email marketing; transactional emails, sent based on a customer’s relationship with the firm and direct emails which exclusively send promotional messages. There is also opt-in email advertising, where the recipient has consented to receive it. An important point is that you must only send emails to someone who has consented to receive it.

Email marketing is very important; especially for start-up businesses. To begin with, email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than most advertising methods. Start-ups often operate on a stringent budget and email marketing helps cut down on costs while effectively delivering the advertisement. It is also a faster method and saves entrepreneurs a lot of time. Email marketing is also a very effective online marketing tool because businesses can track an exact return on investment and gauge the effectiveness of the email. Another advantage of email marketing is that most people these days use email several times daily and a promotional email sent has a very high likelihood of being viewed by the target audience.

For beginners who are new to this method of advertising, it is quite easy. There are several email marketing software like Solent Newsletters which is extremely quick and simple to use and UK based to ensure security and privacy. This software will equip you with the tools and methods of carrying out email marketing effectively. For entrepreneurs who view this as a huge workload it will help break down the task into manageable chunks to get you underway quickly.

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools and if well optimized, it can be very effective. There are a few tips and strategies guaranteed to make you succeed. Businesses should always start small, by sending emails to few people and increasing the list with time while gauging the effectiveness. Personalizing the emails is another great tip, because the recipients will relate to it and appreciate it more. Optimizing your emails for mobile devices is also important as more and more people use smartphones to access their email. Analysing your data before sending the emails enables companies to send the adverts to the correct target audience. Only using opt-in emails is another essential marketing strategy. Email recipients will pay attention to the advert if their consent was sought prior to the email being sent rather than if the email was sent without their permission, thereby damaging the image of the brand.

For businesses yet to embrace this move, it is time to do so. Industry experts agree it is one of the best marketing tools and if well harnessed, it will lead the company to great heights, especially for start-ups that are only just creating their brand.