Top 4 Ways to Secure Your E-Commerce Website

Securing a brick-and-mortar store is easy. But then, running and securing an e-commerce site is a different thing. For the latter, you’re not protecting your wares against shoplifters but sophisticated cybercriminals.

As you’ll read in this article, there are steps you can take to secure your e-commerce website.

Choose a Secure e-commerce Platform

It is your responsibility to secure your e-commerce website as the owner. Security starts with choosing a trusted e-commerce platform. An ideal e-commerce provider manages website basics like hosting and security. They track your site, identify security vulnerabilities and provide solutions.

Keep your website updated and background software patched

An outdated website and unpatched background software appeal to attackers. They use automated web crawlers to identify these security holes and exploit them. Website software updates come with updated security patches. You should pay close attention to updates and install them if not automated.

Back up your website data

Data loss is one of the most heart breaking things for an e-commerce website owner. It could result from human error, hacking, or hardware failure. Luckily, you’re safe with an automated backup service. You can also do daily manual backups and retrievals if you do not have enough resources to invest in automated back ups but this really is a last resort.

Use a website application firewall

A website application firewall protects your e-commerce website from all hacking attempts. Again, it prevents DDoS attacks, XSS and SQL injections, and many more. Use a trusted website application firewall for protection and ensure it is always updated.

Ensuring e-commerce security – final thoughts

Remember, E-commerce security is an issue that will not go away any time soon. Every website on the internet is a target for malicious people and software. You must protect yourself with the four precautions mentioned above and many others. A secure e-commerce website attracts more clients and increases revenue.