There are various methods to build a successful e-commerce site, but there are four key elements to remember before establishing your website.


Your website is light and airy, just like your showroom. An uncluttered website is the online version of a showroom, where the eyes may freely roam up and down, discovering the data they need without any effort. Because the surfer should not have to search for the goods or information he or she is searching for, it is critical that the website be easy to browse. The website’s items should be presented in an enticing and attractive manner to encourage the visitor to want to learn more.

People will form a favourable impression of your products if you include testimonials or images of them in your internet marketing. If your items are guaranteed, be sure to mention that prominently.

Your online store account

This is a must-have feature for every business website since, without it, you won’t be able to accept credit card payments. Credit cards, according to reports, account for up to 99 percent of all internet transactions. As a result, without a merchant account, you will lose business. You’ll need to be able to accept all major credit cards, which you won’t be able to do without this capability.

A safe server and a shopping basket

This is linked to the previous point. You’ll need an online shopping cart after you have a merchant account and want to accept credit cards. This feature allows your customers to choose and add things to their basket in the same way they would at a shopping mall. This cart will total the items and display the total cost of the items picked at the conclusion of the shopping trip.

Your shopping basket software must be installed on your website or on the server that hosts your website in order for it to function properly. If you decided to run your own server you would need to purchase and install an SSL certificate; hosted e-commerce software will provide this for you. This helps to ensure your website visitors will feel comfortable sharing personal and financial information with you.

Payment gateway

The payment gateway connects your website to the credit card processing company. This gateway allows information to flow from your website to an authorization centre, where the credit card is confirmed and then charged; after that, a response is sent to your website indicating that the transaction was successful. A payment gateway will always examine credit card information for details and will reject any discrepancies. In this way, it decreases the use of fake cards by about 80%.

Domain name

Another important part of creating a successful e-commerce website is the domain name. It needs to be as short as possible and reflect your business name or industry. With so many good names already registered it is essential to get your domain name for your website as soon as possible.

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